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Why You Should Consider a Wedding Videographer

Updated: Feb 7

To have a wedding videographer, or to not? This question always seems to be one couples aren't always so sure about. We get it. Hiring a photographer and a videographer might seem like an overwhelming cost. While you're trying to decide if this is something you want, you must consider all the reasons why a wedding videographer would be beneficial on your big day!

You Can Watch Your Wedding Day Over and Over

Your wedding day is truly one of the biggest moments of your entire life. We know you'll remember most parts of your wedding day, but down the road some of these moments may begin to fade. If you have a wedding video these moments will be able to be relived through video. You can make it a tradition to watch it every anniversary or just watch it on any random night. You won't get tired of it!

Those That Couldn't Make It Can Be a Part of Your Day

It's possible you have family members who live far away or a grandparent that isn't able to come. In this case they can still feel like they were a part of your day if they have your wedding video to watch. They won't have to miss out on getting to watch you and your spouse walk down the aisle!

The Sound on Your Wedding Day Can't be Photographed

You can't listen to your vows, your special toasts, or your music through a photo. But you sure can listen to these things through video. These parts of your big day are probably the most emotional and something you will love to listen to again down the road.

You May Miss Parts of Your Day

Your wedding day is nothing short of busy. You can't be everywhere all the time. This means you may miss certain parts of the big day like your cousin breaking it down on the dance floor or the emotions your mom feels during the ceremony. You'll be glad to see these parts on video that you may have missed.



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