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Adventures and possibility are two words that come to mind when my husband, Zach, thinks of his Grandfather, Bernie. Bernie, an entrepreneur at heart, was always dreaming. He loved to work hard and play hard and his mind was always dreaming of the 'next big idea'. Back in the 90's he purchased a one room schoolhouse, Ervin School, and the woods surrounding it where Zach attending Kindergarten. Historic Ervin school, originally built in the early 1900's, was a part of both the Nebraska City and Conestoga school district and was decommissioned back in 1992 right before Bernie purchased it.
Bernie, rest in peace, has since passed and recently, when the land including the school house came up for sale, Zach and Kim decided to take a risk and see what memories we could create for others who may also fall in love with WaConDa Woods & Gardens.
They're so grateful for all their incredible friends and family who have helped them and continue to help them to make this dream a reality through sweat equity, love, support and prayer. 


"Kim and Zach have put so much thought and effort into renovating this amazing venue from their whimsical photogenic outdoor grounds to the last cute little details in the bridal suite."

- Molly G.

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