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Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Updated: Mar 12

Entertainment plays a huge role in your wedding day! If a lively dance floor is something that is important to you, when selecting your DJ be sure to ask him/her these questions.

What is your performing style?

This is a question that is important no matter what you're envisioning for your dance floor. For example, if you're wanting everyone to be on the dance floor all night long, make sure they have more of an upbeat style.

How long have you been a DJ?

Typically, someone with more experience in the industry will be able to execute your vision. It's important to ask how long they have been doing weddings.

Can we give you a list of must-hear songs and do-not play songs?

Most DJs won't mind this at all, but if there are some songs you really want to hear and really don't want to hear this is another great question to ask.

Can guests request songs at the reception?

Some DJ's have an entire playlist ready to go that they'd rather not alter, others allow guests to request songs. If you really want or maybe do not want guests to request songs, just ask.

What sets you apart from others?

This is a really great question to ask and also something great to hear if you're torn between more than one DJ.

What type of equipment do you use and do you have a backup plan?

Technology isn't always trusty. Things happen and that's ok! Make sure your DJ has some sort of backup plan if something were to not work.

No matter if you're talking to the DJ on the phone or meeting in person make sure you feel comfortable with them. Were they easy to talk to, professional and up-beat?! Also, most professional DJs will allow you to be a guest for a portion of the evening at an upcoming event, wedding or performance they may have. Feel free to ask to do this so you can see them in action before you book!


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