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What Is a "Change-the Date" Invitation?

Updated: Feb 7

As many couples and wedding vendors navigate through the current coronavirus pandemic, there are many things we are all having to learn quickly. One thing that is important for everyone to know is how to properly inform guests of the rescheduled date of the wedding if you have decided to postpone. Something to remember is that no matter the circumstances, things pop up and sometimes rescheduling is the best option. One thing you can control is communicating all of this with your guests and wedding vendors.

Define "Change-the Date"

Much like a "save-the date" card, a "change-the date" card is letting your guests know that your wedding will no longer take place on the original date that went out on your invitations. These can be sent out digitally, or if you have enough time they could also be sent out by mail. No matter what, there should be very little information on the card i.e. exclude dress code on this card and other minor details!

How Do You Let Your Guests Know?

Many couples who are having to change the date of their wedding have very little time and need to let people know immediately. Since many are on a time crunch, a simple email or chain text message is perfectly fine. Sometimes a group text can result in an overload of replies, so when you go to send a group text make it so you "send an individual text to all recipients". You just have to go into your settings on your phone and make these changes! You don't even have to know your rescheduled date yet when you are letting people know you are postponing. Once you have figured out your new date then you can go ahead and send out the "change-the date" invites!

Here are some great examples of some "change-the date" invitations and where you can get them:

Insert a simple engagement photo on this design!

Let your guests know your wedding date has changed, but you aren't sure of the new date yet with this card!

If you know your new date and have enough time to let guests know you have postponed and when the new date is - you can send out a card like this!

Changing the date of your wedding is okay! Remind yourself that and don't let it get you down!


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