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How to Throw a Wedding Safely During the Delta Variant

Updated: Feb 7

We know, it feels like a lifetime ago when things were "normal". With the rise of the Delta variant, it is important to be on top of all the precautions you'll need to think about when planning your wedding.

Have a Health & Safety Plan

We encourage you to have some sort of plan in place when getting married during this unknown time. Talk to your wedding vendors about local mandates and restrictions that may currently be in place. You'll want to discuss wedding count, masks, layout, and everything in between.

Follow Guidelines Currently in Place

Depending on where you live, some places only allow 50% capacity and masks indoors. Talk to your venue to figure out what rules and regulations they have in place and relay that information to your wedding guests.

Take Your Wedding Outside

Chances are, having your wedding outside could mean you would be able to invite more guests and may also make people feel more comfortable. See what your options are with tents, lighting, and everything else you would need for an outdoor wedding.

Adjust Your Seating

Some guests may feel comfortable sitting within 6 feet of others, while some may not. Take a look at your guest list, make some phone calls and then decide how you should seat your guests at your wedding.


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