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How to Tactfully Include Hand Sanitizer into Your Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 7

Style now involves keeping guests safe and squeaky clean.

COVID-19 has changed almost every event, especially weddings.. Now is the time to take some extra sanitary precautions to help keep you and all your wedding guests safe. There are many ways you can include hand sanitizer stations on your big day without ruining the aesthetic. Check your current state guidelines, work with your vendors, and get ready to set up some sanitizing stations. Your guests will thank you!

Hand Sanitizer Stations

There is lots to think about when it comes to choosing hand sanitizer stations for your wedding. For a super clean experience, consider contactless options. If your wedding budget does not allow that, there are plenty of other ways to include hand sanitizer for your guests.

This Simplehuman contactless hand sanitizer pump comes in a collection of sleek metallic finishes. This way you can choose the one to best match your wedding colors. Refilling it is easy and it is rechargeable! This is also a beautiful home staple for you to use post-wedding!

This freestanding station is the perfect option for an outdoorsy wedding. It may stretch the budget a little, but it is beautiful!

Speaking of rustic/outdoorsy weddings - this sanitizing station is another great option. It comes in many different colors and is budget friendly.

Hand Sanitizer Signs

Once you've found all your hand sanitizing stations, it's time to complete them with adorable signage. You can set them by your sanitizing stations encouraging people to sanitize and you can even coordinate them with your social distancing signs.

A downloadable option you can print and place in a frame yourself.

This card-stock sign is very reasonable. Put it on a stand to make it stylish during the day.

Wedding Favors

Hand sanitizer is quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding favors. Don't worry, there are plenty of adorable ways to personalize them and make your guests feel very loved.

Fill these stylish faux leather sanitizer pockets with a mini sanitizer bottle so your guests can use their own bottle throughout the night and even take the rest home with them.

These spray sanitizers are a great option if you are looking to buy in bulk. Since they are simple, you could even think about personalizing them with your own stick-on label.

Keep sanitizer use mess free with these individual sanitizer packets. You can personalize them with your own saying too!


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