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The Guide to Cutting Your Wedding Guest List

Updated: Feb 7

Creating your guest list for your wedding is hard in general. But creating it and then having to cut it due to COVID is a different story. You can do it! We're here to help.

Try Not to Focus On Your "Old" Wedding

Can this be hard? Yes, for sure! You have to try as hard as you can to put your old wedding to the side and reenvision your new one. Maybe you were planning a destination wedding and now that isn't possible. You need to think about your options closer to home where you don't need to hop on a plane. Make it a priority to ensure your parents and others feel safe attending your wedding. Remember, what truly matters on your wedding day is marrying your significant other, it is not all about the party.

Be Realistic

Governor regulations, venue regulations, and making sure your guests are safe are the reasons you are cutting your guest list. You are going to have to make some hard decisions on who gets to attend. Begin thinking about your close family members and friends who are nearby. Plan your guest list around current regulations.

If you're afraid you might hurt someone's feelings about not being invited, explain to them why you have to make the decision and suggest gathering together at a later date to celebrate! If you want to completely avoid this maybe only invite immediate and extended family you see all the time. It may help you out to only focus on family and not friends.

Figure out what is necessary for your guests to attend. Do they need temperature checks before they walk in, masks, or waivers to attend? Discuss this with your venue to see what they may recommend.

Start the Process

The first thing that may be easiest to start with is the 'plus ones'. If your friend is invited with her boyfriend and you haven't met him yet, maybe your wedding day isn’t the time for that introduction. You can decide to cut that plus one, they will understand.

Next think about who you talk to all the time and who you haven't talked to in a year or more. You can also start to cut these people from your list, also.

Maybe you have a friend who is pregnant and worried about traveling, you may want to talk to her and see if she wants to attend.

Consider the health of your guests and take it from there. You can talk to them and ask if they are comfortable. If not, that is an automatic cut from your guest list that they decided for you.

Communicate With Your Guests

Guests don't want to be caught off guard. Keep everyone up to date with what you are thinking for your wedding.

When you have to uninvite them to your wedding because you had to cut your guest list, be prepared with clear reasoning as to:

  • Why you lowered your guest count

  • How it makes you feel

  • Why you are sticking to your current date

  • Plans for another reception post-pandemic

  • If you have plans to live-stream the wedding

Prepare for Hurt Feelings

You're devastated you have to cut your guest list and some guests may be even more devastated. Have confidence you won't have this issue, but prepare yourself if it does happen. If someone doesn't understand, explain to them how you want your wedding day to be safe and that you wish they could be there.


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