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Help Your Wedding Guests Feel Comfortable During Covid

Updated: Feb 7

Covid has had many couples around the world cancel, postpone, or force them to cut down their guest list because of regulations. Couples are torn on what to do. Many are having a hard time deciding what the "right" thing to do is. 

Couples have also had to make the hard decision of if their guests should have to wear masks or not during the ceremony and/or reception. Some believe it is totally necessary and others believe it’s not.

Weddings are also a time where many people see family members and friends they have not seen for a while which leads to conversation and hugs. Many people are not comfortable with giving hugs to others right now and some aren't even comfortable with having conversations with people. To help your guests feel more comfortable at your wedding, have them all wear a colored bracelet, pin on their shirt, or something to show others each person’s level of comfort. Green could indicate "okay with hugs and high-fives", yellow means "okay with talking, but not touching", and red for "Hi! I'm keeping my distance". You can place a board up to show everyone which color means what. Ask your guests to make sure their color is visible throughout the night. It will help your guests feel more comfortable no matter what you decide.


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