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Steps to Ensure a Safe Wedding this Summer

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Couples all around the world have been anxiously waiting to tie the knot this Spring/Summer, all to be put to a stop due to the Coronavirus. It is more important than ever to take the right steps and plan accordingly if you plan to be having a wedding in the coming months. There are certain precautions that should be taken to allow you and your loved ones to attend your wedding safely.

No Buffet Style Food Without Servers Dishing it Up For You

Several weddings are known for having a buffet style, self serve dinner and desert. Self-serve options during this time is not ideal. People may grab things with their fingers and buffet lines would require sharing utensils in order to dish up food. Instead have a sit down dinner where few people serve guests their food at the table or a couple people serve people at the buffet. This ensures that there were not several people touching the food many are about to eat.


Partitions are a great way to ensure safety for your guests and servers as they are served their meal on your big day. They can be easily built and customized, are easy to disinfect, and ultimately help protect against germs. The partition can sit above the food table to ensure germs from the server to the guests do not get passed to each other.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer - the new party decoration! Having a good amount of hand sanitizer by doors where guests come in, at tables, and other surrounding places at your wedding. This is the perfect way to keep those germs away. Also, be sure that there is plenty of hand soap in bathrooms or washing stations near portable toilets.

Consider Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are beautiful anyway, and because of the pandemic there is no better time to have the perfect wedding outdoors in the open air. Being outside allows for guests to not be so confined and in an enclosed area.

Remind Guests to Keep Their Space from Loved Ones

While hugging and kissing family members and especially the bride and groom, feels natural, during this time tactful signs to remind guests as they enter the venue that keeping their space from others is the new way to show their love. ‘For Today No Hugs and Kisses, Just Sentiments of Love and Best Wishes.’

Socially Distanced Seating

Ceremonies would typically have seating for guests right next to each other. Now standing ceremonies or socially distanced seating is the best step to take at your wedding to keep you and your guests safe. Seats can be placed six feet apart from each other and if guests decide to stand you can ask them to keep their proper distance from each other.

There are several ways to make accommodations to your wedding so you and your guests can feel safe and not miss out on your big day. We know how you are feeling, but remember you are not alone. Your love for your spouse is something that will never go away and deserves to be celebrated!


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