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Planning Your Wedding While Social Distancing

Updated: Feb 7

We know planning your wedding can be overwhelming, especially in times like these. On the bright side, you probably have much more time at home right now to get things done. With everything going on, it is important to know how to responsibly plan your wedding.


Communication with your partner is always important, but when planning your wedding it is just that much more important. Talk with each other and decide what is most important to you right now. Is it a specific date, a certain wedding venue, or having the wedding the same size? After discovering what is most important, contact your list of options and decide what will work best for your needs.

Remember, during this time it is important to focus on the future, don't look back on what "should've been".

Shift Your Schedule

If you have decided to change the date of your wedding, it may be a good idea to shift your calendar around. Figure out what can be shifted if necessary. For example, if you planned to get your dress fitted much sooner than your wedding is planned to be, you may want to switch that around if you feel it is needed.


Deciding the theme and colors for your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Start with making a list of themes that fits you and your significant other. From there, decide your favorite colors that will play nicely with the theme. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest is always a great place to look.

Virtual With Vendors

It is easier than ever to discuss with your vendors on what you have in mind for your big day. Planning with vendors can be easy with things like FaceTime and Zoom. This way you can still interview them without actually having to see them in person for the health and well-being of both of you.

Online Shopping

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be difficult online. Instead, do research about wedding gown places in your area and narrow down the places you would like to try on gowns.

As for suits/tuxes these can be more simple to buy online. YouTube will help you figure out what to measure to make sure the correct sizes are ordered.

If you are looking for decor for your wedding day, you can do it straight from the comfort of your own home. Consider shopping Etsy for a personalized touch!

No matter what, you need to stop and take a deep breath! Focus on the good things in life, like the fact you are getting ready to marry your loved one here soon. Everything will turn out just like you dreamed!


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