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Wedding Planning Tips to Ensure Success!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

You just got engaged and are now planning your wedding day, exciting right? Here's some important tips to ensure success:

Plan a Budget

Before you start to book your wedding venue, photographer, etc you need to make a wedding budget. This will tell you what you can afford so you don't go overboard.

Shop for Wedding Venues

A lot of times, couples rush off and book a wedding venue right after they get engaged. While this is a step in the right direction you need to remember there are other things that need to be done before this. Create your guest list, make a vision board and make your budget before you book your wedding venue.

Make Your Own Decisions

In our opinion, you and your significant other should be the ones making the decisions about your wedding day, not others. One example of this is booking vendors that your friend had for their wedding. While this is totally fine, just be sure you're researching other options too. There may be someone that you feel fits your personality better.

Pick the "High Quality" Option

We know, weddings are expensive. While you are booking your vendors, booking the cheapest option isn't always the best idea. We believe you should choose a vendor of "high quality" instead. Look at what they do, their reviews, and their style and pick them off of that, not just whoever is the cheapest

Make Time for Yourself & Your Partner

While wedding planning can take up a lot of time, it is important to set aside quality time for you and your partner. Do a monthly date night, play a board game or go on a weekend getaway together to ensure you're spending lots of quality time with each other.

You got this!



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