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The Pros & Cons of an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are surely more popular than they once were. They offer a lot of natural beauty and space so your guests are able to spread out a bit. Outdoor weddings have so many benefits.

Natural Beauty

An outdoor wedding ceremony is beauty in itself. The sky, trees and everything surrounding you outside is already beautiful.

Since an outdoor wedding already has so many beautiful things, you won't need as many decorations. This will save you time, money and energy. Maybe the only thing you have to add is some florals on your backdrop. You can let nature do the rest!

More Space

Outdoor wedding ceremonies allow for tons of space for guests. It allows them to spread out and mingle without being in confined walls.

Less Formal An outdoor wedding may mean guests can dress more casual because of the setting. Allowing your guests to dress more comfortably may mean they have more fun dancing the night away.

Natural Lighting

The photographers love this one! Golden hour allows for the perfect photo opportunities. Try to time your ceremony around golden-hour, I promise you won't be disappointed in the photos you will get from doing so.


Mother Nature is something you never have control over. You can hope for sunshine and warmth, but it may not always happen that way. Rain, wind or even snow are some things that may not be ideal for an outdoor wedding ceremony. If you do plan to have an outdoor ceremony it is always best to have a back up plan if the weather does not cooperate.


Planning your outdoor wedding ceremony in the middle of summer? Bugs may be a bother depending on where your ceremony is. Though they are normally tolerable, if you're one that can't stand bugs an outdoor ceremony may not be best for you.

Limited Hours of Sunlight

Indoor ceremonies can happen at any time of the day, even if the sun has already gone down. Outdoor ceremonies are a different story. When you have an outdoor ceremony you have to time it just right, so the sun is not beating down on you and so there is enough sunlight.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies will always hold a special place in our hearts!



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