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Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!"

You know this rhyme you've heard several times before? It dates back to the Victorian Era in England. It symbolized luck for the bride on her wedding day. Each "something" is an item the bride will have when she walks down the aisle.

Though you do not have to do this tradition, sometimes it's fun to! Here's a few ideas of "something blue" you could use for your wedding day.


Like the beautiful blue necklace above, you could wear a blue necklace on your wedding day. This is an especially great idea if blue is in your wedding colors.


Pick out your favorite pair of blue shoes - heels or sneakers, it doesn't matter. Whatever you are most comfortable in is most important.

Getting Ready Outfits

Dress your bridesmaids in blue getting ready outfits! Then they can be included on your something blue to make it even more special.

Blue Nail Polish

When you get your nails/toes done for your big day, maybe you see a blue color you love. Go for it! This would be the perfect subtle blue item.

Getaway Car

What more fun of a getaway car than a BLUE getaway car.

Bridesmaids Dresses

What about blue bridesmaid dresses?! This is another one that is especially great if blue is part of your wedding colors.

Your Dogs' Accessories

Is your dog joining you for your wedding day? Put a blue bandana, collar or leash on them.

There are so many options for your something blue for your wedding day, feel free to get creative with it. There are no rules!



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