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Wedding Costs You May Have Not Included In Your Budget

Updated: Feb 7

You just got engaged, are getting excited to start wedding planning and finally put together your wedding budget. You probably thought about all the big things you'll have to pay for, but what about some of the smaller items that will add up? Here's some things couples often forget to include in their budget.

Postage Stamps

You'll need stamps to mail your wedding save the dates, invitations and RSVP's. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you have bulkier invitations, they may end up costing more than your 55 cent stamp.

Wedding Dress Alterations & Steaming

You found your dream dress, but don’t forget alterations!. Sometimes it may just be simple adjustments but that isn't always the case. Sometimes wedding dresses can cost $500 or more if there are several alterations that need to be done. On average, brides spend between $150-$600 to get their dress altered.

When you purchase the dress, it may be wise to ask about what the store may charge for alterations. Most places should be able to give you an estimate.

Overtime Fees

Your DJ, wedding photographer and videographer are booked for a certain amount of time. Focus on staying on schedule so they're there during the times you'd hope they'd be. Otherwise if you're running behind schedule you may ask them to stay an hour longer which is going to cost you.

Taxes & Gratuity

Taxes and gratuity may not be in the price you pay for the service. Be sure to ask about these things so you know if this is another cost you'll need to factor in.

Vendor Trials

Your hairdresser may not choose to charge you to do a hair trial the first time, but if you're coming in for a hair trial for the third time, they are probably going to charge you.

No matter what, there's always going to be those little costs here and there that you may not have thought about. That is why it may be a good idea to leave some room in the budget for things you may have forgotten about.


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