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Wedding Budget Breakdown

Updated: Feb 7

Your budget is important! What’s important to you will show in where you spend your budget. Here’s a suggested guide to help you breakdown costs as you plan.

40% Venue, Catering & Rentals

Half of your budget will go towards renting out your venue, hiring a catering company and renting out all items from chairs to dinnerware. Sometimes, a cake could also be included in this chunk as well.

15% Decor

Your decor budget includes bouquets, flower arrangements, ceremony and reception decor and anything else you are using to decorate.

13% Photography & Videography

We believe this is a very important part of your budget. These are your wedding keepsakes you'll get to cherish for the rest of your life. Most of the time, they are worth the splurge!

9% Attire, Hair & Makeup

Attire, hair and makeup is an important piece that you do not want to forget to include. It should include everything from your wedding dress to the cuff links on the tuxedos. Include all jewelry and other accessories. Don't forget the cost of your hair and makeup, as well as the bridesmaids too if you are planning on covering that yourself.

7% Entertainment

If you want a dance floor, we always suggest hiring a band or DJ to get people out on the dance for. You should allow for around 7% of your budget for this.

4% Wedding Bands

One of you probably already has the sparkly ring on your finger, but you'll also need a wedding band for each of you.

2% Stationery

Your save the dates, invitations, menus, programs and more will typically be around 2% of your wedding budget.

2% Officiant

If you're hiring someone to legally marry you, allow for another 2% of your wedding budget.

2% Transportation

Limos and shuttle buses to ensure your guests and wedding party get to the reception on time is another 2% of your budget.

2% Wedding Favors

If you're planning on handing out wedding favors to your guests, these typically cost around 2% of your wedding budget.

Before you even start planning your wedding, it is important to brainstorm and get these type of numbers going. It will save you a lot of headache throughout the wedding planning process.


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