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How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

In 2021, more than half of wedding couples go over their wedding budget. This doesn't mean it is impossible to stick to your wedding budget. There's a chance most of these couples more than likely went over their budget because they did not factor in all the unexpected fees or the small things that can add up much quicker than you think. Here's some tips to stick to your budget.

Put a Budget in Place

There are many ways to set your wedding budget. Start by deciding how much money you have to spend in total and then split that money up accordingly. You could use paper and a pen, a spreadsheet or, The Knot Budget Calculator to get started.

Factor in Hidden Costs/Extras

Once you've factored in all categories for your budget, make sure to double check that you included things like: tips for your vendors, overtime fees, vendor trials, stamps, wedding day insurance, etc. There are almost always going to be things that sneak up on you. Just in case, add a line in your budget for this so it doesn't catch you by surprise.

Plan to Go Over Budget

This may sound crazy, but trust us it is not a bad thing to do. If you plan on spending, say 5% more than what you budgeted for, you may never actually go over budget. There is always a chance of something happening that may make you spend more than you planned.

Put Your Wedding Money in a Separate Account

However much money you plan to spend on your wedding day - put that money in a separate account from your everyday spending. This will allow you to see how much you have left to spend in that bank account.

Set Aside Money for the Amount You Owe to Vendors

Most of the time, you'll put a downpayment down to your vendors to secure your spot, then a month or less before your wedding date you will owe them the rest of the money. Try setting this money aside so that you know you will owe your vendors when your big day gets closer.

Prioritize Your Most Important Things, Save on the Lesser Important Things

There are some things that may be more important for you than others. Maybe a photographer and venue are your "splurge" items. Allow more room for those when you are planning your budget. If there are things like food or flowers that aren't as important to you, save where you can on those.

Sticking to your budget is not impossible. Just make a good thought out budget, think about the small things that can add up and stick to it the best you can.


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