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Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Dried Flowers

A biodegradable option that will make for some pretty great photos. Put the dried up flowers in a cone and have guests throw them out when you and your spouse make your exit!


Sparklers during your wedding send off is always a hit. Just be careful and be sure that everyone keeps their distance.

Hole Punch Leaves

Gather some leaves, use a whole puncher, and punch some hearts out of the leaves to use as confetti. This is another great biodegradable option.

Release Butterflies

Setting butterflies free symbolizes new beginnings and happiness. Imagine the photos you could get with butterflies flying above you on your way out.

Toss Artificial Snow

If you have a winter wedding, artificial snow would be adorable. It would probably even appear real in photos (it would just be much warmer).

Toss Entire Flowers

No, we don't mean flower petals, we mean an entire rose, lily, or whatever your heart desires. You can keep them stems on or just cut them off.

Glow Sticks

If your wedding is spunky and colorful, glow sticks would take it up a notch.


Are sprinkles your favorite ice cream topping or do you just love the colors? Either way this would be a yummy way for guests to send you newly weds off.

No matter what you decide, make sure you let your wedding photographer know your plan so he/she is prepared to capture some photos for you to cherish forever and ever.



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