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Tips to Wedding Dress Shopping

Updated: Feb 7

You've been dreaming about this moment since you were a little girl watching your favorite princess dress up in her beautiful gown. Now, your time has finally come! You might have an idea in your head of what style of dress you want, or you may not have a clue at all. No matter what your case is, make sure you go in there with an open mind!

Set a Budget

You've probably been searching Pinterest for your perfect wedding dress. You never really know how much that specific dress may cost, so don't get your hopes up. Go in with a budget and let them know what it is before they start bringing you dresses that may be way over budget.

Start Shopping 9-12 Months In Advance (If You Can)

Some wedding gowns may take up to 10 months to be made. You also have to factor in shipping times and alterations that may have to be made.

If you don't have a lot of time, it is possible you will have to pay additional fees to get your dress rushed so be prepared.

Do Your Research

You may have only tried on prom dresses in your lifetime and really don't have a clue which style of dress you may want. To try and get an idea before you're out shopping, take this quiz!

Make Bridal Salon Appointments

When you are making your bridal salon appointments, we recommend doing it all in one day or weekend. This helps so that when you are thinking back on which dress you like best, they are fresh in your mind.

If you schedule them all in one day you can make a whole girls day out of it! Plan a lunch so everyone can get some down time and be ready to do some more shopping afterwards.

Choose Your Bride Tribe Wisely

When you are thinking of who to invite on this day, be sure to choose wisely. First, you will need to check how many people your salon will allow. Next, think of who absolutely needs to be there. Then, once you've chosen your people make sure they are all around positive people. You don't want anyone there that could put a damper on your day.

Give Yourself Time in the Morning to Look & Feel Your Best

You have a busy day ahead and you probably want to feel wonderful when you're looking at dresses. If getting your hair and makeup done is in your budget and you have the time for it - more power to you! It will be so worth it so you can envision what you might look like on your wedding day.

Bring the Correct Undergarments & Shoes

Consider nude colored panties, and don't worry about a bra unless you want more support or want to feel more comfortable.

Be sure to bring the correct height of heels you may want to be wearing on your wedding day so you can get the full affect.

Take Lots of Pictures

You want to remember this big day forever so be sure to get that camera out. You'll also want to be able to look back on how you looked and felt in each dress when you are making your final decision. Make some fun out of it! Twirl, walk, and get all the angles when taking those photos. You will probably try on so many dresses that you may forget about some if you don't have those pictures.



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