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The Wellness Routines All Couples Should Follow in 2020

Updated: Feb 7

Weddings and wellness.

Weddings are often the ultimate motivation for people to look and feel their best. Here’s a few ways to safely make sure you stay healthy and happy during your engagement and feel your best on your big day!


Basic human function requires rest. For anyone wanting to be the best version of themselves, sleep is where they need to start. Practice things that help improve your quality of sleep like putting down the phone an hour before bedtime, avoiding sugar intake, and being consistent on the times you go to bed and wake up each day.

Realistic Goals

Baby steps! Habits are developed with increased patience. If you set your goals too high and cannot reach them, the chances of you giving up are high. Be sure you set goals that are attainable so you can have the success of reaching them! 


Water is key! Water is often underestimated when it comes to people wanting to be in great shape. The human body is made up of 60% water, so whenever an activity is done you need to replenish that water.

Part of this habit is cutting down on sugary drinks that actually just make you more dehydrated. If you find yourself craving one, make a water and add some fruit to give you a healthy refreshing alternative!

Increase Your Step Count

Get your body moving! Go for a walk or join a gym. To make counting your steps even more fun, invest in a Fit Bit or Apple Watch. You can even compete with your significant other on who gets the most steps each day! Walking is also a great exercise to do together! It is a great way to talk and learn more about each other.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

Hot yoga, a jog, or an Orangetheory class are great ways to get your heart pumping! Activities like these are fun to do with your significant other too. Just make sure it is something you enjoy so you don't ever dread doing it.

Consistency is Key

No matter what you choose to do to get ready for your wedding, make sure it is something you will want to continue to do even after your big day. Habits are hard to get started, but very easy to stop. So keep up that great habit and always keep your end goal in mind! 

Well-Balanced Diet

Diet is extremely important! Intake affects your energy levels, goal progress, and more. Stay away from fad diets that may  help you lose weight fast, but are likely to actually harm your body in the long run. It is so important to eat a diet that is full of protein, but also carbs to keep those energy levels up!

No matter what, you and your significant other are going to look wonderful on your wedding day. If you do decide to try a new workout in the months leading up to your big,day make sure you are doing it safely and effectively.


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