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The Top Wedding Colors of 2021 & How to Use Them

Updated: Feb 7

Choosing a color can really set the mood for your wedding. You may even want to choose the color palette for your wedding before you start planning anything else. Here's what the experts are predicting the 'in' colors are going to be for weddings in 2021.

Light Blue

Light blue has been a classic wedding color for quite a long time. Dark blue hues won't be as prevalent. They will likely only be used in accent colors to contrast with the lighter blues. People will begin to use the lighter blue colors like: periwinkle, powder blue, cornflower, and French blue.

How to Use It

Light blue is one of the easiest colors that can be used no matter what season your wedding is in. While it looks whimsical with other pastel colors like blush and lilac, it also looks great paired with burgundy, rust orange, and other colors that are used a lot in fall and winter weddings. You can use these light blue colors in your flowers, tinted glassware, dresses and ties, and much more.


There's probably going to be lots of green color palettes in 2021. From actual greenery to green primary and accent colors. Green has been becoming much more popular in recent years thanks to many tropical wedding themes. Mid-range greens like olive, pistachio, avocado, and matcha will bring a fabulous vibe to your wedding.

How to Use It

Greens can be used in your wedding to make the colors really pop. You can use greens alone or you can add them to just about every other color you may have in your wedding. Greens look stunning in all flower arrangements too.

Bright Colors

Bright colors may seem like the thing of the 80s, but they are really making a comeback. Not just using one, but several bright colors in 2021 weddings is going to be trending.

How to Use Them

There is nothing subtle about bright colors. So by using bright colors in your wedding you can really go all out. Bright florals, neon signs, neon lights, and really everything in between that will scream bright neons.

Papaya Orange

In a way this color is just a brighter version of coral or peach. This color would be the perfect summer wedding color, for sure.

How to Use It

Papaya orange can be used in very different ways. It can be used for a bohemian style or it can go the opposite way and be used for a tropical style. For a beach wedding you can pair it with turquoise, or for a more bohemian wedding you can pair it with more neutral colors.


Give me all the dreamy neutrals! Earth tones, taupe, ivory, and dusty rose are gorgeous together.

How to Use Them

Neutrals are gorgeous for groomsmen and bridesmaids dresses. When using neutrals it is important to mix many different textures to add depth. Pampas grass, greenery, metallic pieces, silk and velvet linens are some textures that will make your neutral colors pop.



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