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Staying Cool at Your Summer Wedding

Updated: Feb 7

If you're having a summer wedding and still knocking out all the details, be sure you don't forget the special details to keep you, your guests, your cake, and everything in between cool!

Serve Water

Stock up on plenty of water bottles and have your caterer serve glasses of ice water throughout the event. Having plenty of water options throughout the duration of your ceremony and reception will encourage guests to drink lots of water. You can even make it fancy and have it served in fancy glasses with a lemon or lime slice on the brim.

Use Natural Shade or Tents

If you're planning for an outdoor wedding scope out spots with shade, rent a large tent, or use umbrellas to keep everyone out of the direct sun.

Choose Your Chairs Wisely

When thinking about chairs for an outdoor space, be sure to remember that metal will get very hot in the sun. It may be best to consider light colored wood or plastic chairs. Chairs with cushions or fabric slip covers will work even better.

Hand Out Cooling Gadgets

Hand out battery powered fans, paper fans, attach your programs to a popsicle stick to be used as fans, or anything else that might keep guests cool before the ceremony.

Consider Commercial Fans

If your venue doesn't happen to have air conditioning, commercial fans would work great to keep everyone cool!

Consider a Makeup Setting Spray

For the bride and bridesmaids, use a makeup setting spray. This will help keep your makeup looking fresh and ensure that it will last all day and night. If you think it's necessary, theres' nothing wrong with asking your makeup artist to stick around after the ceremony to do a quick touch-up before walking into the reception.

Keep the Attire in Mind

The men may be in tuxes, which could make them very, very hot outdoors. Lighter colors and avoiding blacks and darker colors is also something to take into consideration. For the women, consider the dress styles. It may be smart to avoid long sleeves and fewer fabric layers.



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