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Snow On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 7

Snow here, snow there, snow everywhere!

Whether it's the middle of fall or deep into the winter, snow in many places like the Midwest is always a possibility. After all, they say that snow on your wedding day can bring good luck!

Preparing for Snow

Like we said, Mother Nature never warns us for a snowstorm. Preparing for snow even if you're getting married at the beginning of October is always best. If you planned on having an outdoor ceremony, think about renting a large outdoor tent. Your wedding venue may even have these for you to use! This can ensure that you and your guests are shielded from the flurries when you are saying your vows. If a tent isn't an option you can either see if it is possible that your ceremony could be moved indoors or provide complimentary blankets, hats, and gloves for your guests to stay cozy as they watch you tie the knot under the snow.


The key to the most gorgeous wedding photos?! SNOW! Even a light layer of flurries can turn your wedding photos into a real life snow globe. The natural light that bounces off the snow is stunning in every way. As we all know, photos are the memories we get to hold onto forever.

Snow On Your Big Day Brings Good Luck

Were you blessed with snow on your wedding day? It could mean some fantastic things for you and your partner. They say that snow on your wedding day means fertility and prosperity!

One can only hope for a wedding in the middle of a winter wonderland, right?



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