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How to Make your Rehearsal Dinner All Your Own

Updated: Feb 7

There are so many traditions at weddings and the events leading up to your wedding that most people think they need to follow. Make this night for you and your significant other - you can adjust traditions or even throw them out the window and make your own if you want.

It Can be Any Night You’d Like!

Though most people have their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding does not mean you have to. If you personally want to try to relax the night before your wedding, you do you! You can have it two nights before your wedding or maybe even the weekend before. Whatever you feel is best for you.

Who Gets the Check?

By tradition, the bride's family pays for the wedding and the groom's family pays for the rehearsal dinner. This isn't always true anymore. A lot of times it really just depends on each family. May both the bride and groom's parents already have too much on their plates so maybe you have an aunt, grandparent or maybe you and your soon to be significant other want to do it together.

Let’s Brunch!

Just because it has the name "rehearsal dinner" doesn't mean you have to have dinner. You could have a rehearsal brunch rehearsal lunch, etc. Having an earlier rehearsal time would allow for more relaxation on the night before your big day.

Your Night - Your Attire

Fancy dinners aren't for everyone. Maybe your favorite food is BBQ and you love to dress casually. Just choose what YOU like!

Invite Whomever You’d Like!

Sure, these are the main people invited, but you're allowed to invite more if you want. Maybe your aunt and uncle are in town and you only see them once a year, send them an invite too. Also be sure to invite significant others of the people in your bridal party.



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