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Priority Wedding Tasks - The 7 Wedding Tasks You Should Do ASAP

Updated: Feb 7

We all dream of planning our wedding day! If you are a newly engaged bride/groom there are a few wedding tasks you should take on early!

Spread the News of Your Engagement

There’s nothing more fun than sharing your love with others! You two are excited and your family and friends will be just as excited to hear the news.

Figure Out Your Wedding Budget

Deciding on a reasonable wedding budget early on will save you a lot of headaches in the end. Talking about money is never a fun thing to do, but it’s best to get ahead of it.

Make the Guest List

The guest list can be time consuming, but so many other pieces fall into place once you know your headcount!

Choose the Type of Ceremony

You have dreamed of this day your whole life - what does your vision look like in comparison to your partner’s. You may want to discuss what type of ceremony you both are hoping for.

Pick Your Wedding Date

What season do you want to get married - Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? It is important to pick a date that is special to you and your significant other. The date you choose will play a huge part in the look and theme of your wedding.

Search for a Venue

Venues fill up fast and years in advance, especially due to Covid postponements. You want to look for the venue of your dreams and get it locked in early.

Search for Other Vendors

After you lock in your venue it is time to start searching for other wedding vendors you'll need. Photographers, DJ's, and florists are just some of the very important vendors that you want to make sure are available for your special day!



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