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Preparing for Wedding Dress Shopping

Updated: Feb 7

You've got your girls and your Pinterest board so you're probably ready to take on wedding dress shopping! How exciting!

Before you walk into your first bridal boutique, keep some of these things in mind to help the process go smoothly.

Make an Appointment

Some bridal places allow walk-ins, but most don't anymore especially with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Call ahead and make an appointment with a consultant to ensure you can come in and try on dresses.

The earlier you begin looking for a wedding dress, the better. It will give you plenty of time to find the perfect dress and for alterations that may need to be made.

Make Sure You Eat and Stay Hydrated

You may be so excited you forget to eat. Don't let this happen! Eat a well-balanced breakfast before you head out so you don't get hangry. If you're going to multiple spots, plan some time for lunch so everyone gets a chance to relax and unwind halfway through the day.

Research Your Favorite Wedding Dress Styles

Your consultant at the bridal store will most likely ask you what styles you like when you get there. Take some time to research different necklines and dress styles to get an idea of what you might want to try on.

Have a Set Budget in Mind

Don’t forget to go into your bridal appointments with a set budget in mind. Be sure to take into consideration things like veils, shoes, jewelry, etc. Consider keeping dresses that are way out of your budget on the hanger. You may fall in love with it and then end up spending way more than you originally planned.

Choose Your Group Wisely

Your mom, sister, best friend, mother-in-law - who should you bring to your bridal appointments? We know you may want to include everyone in this process, but sometimes it is best to limit the amount of people you bring because that means more opinions and maybe added stress.

What to Wear

Wear something comfortable as you are going to be changing in and out of clothes during the day. You may want to wear the proper undergarments that will work best with dresses or at least bring them with you. Wear or bring shoes similar to what you may wear on your wedding day to get the full effect.

Your Hairstyle

Are you thinking of wearing your hair down, in an updo, a braid or something else on your wedding day? It is a great idea to wear your hair the way you may want it on your wedding day when you go dress shopping. This way you can see the full picture when you try on your dream dress!



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