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Is September a Summer or Fall Wedding?

Updated: Feb 7

September is one of those months where you can't decide if you should still be celebrating summer or breaking out those fall decorations. The same thing goes if you have your wedding planned for a September date. You can really go either which way with your color scheme/decorations during this month. You can go for bright summery colors, subtle fall colors or even go for something in-bewteen.

The Weather

Depending on where you live, by the end of September it might be starting to cool down. This is great if you're one that doesn't want to have the sun beating down on you.

Fall Leaves

September is typically the month where the leaves start to change color, but again it all depends on the year and where you live. Think of pictures with the leaves changing colors, beautiful!

Color Scheme

Probably one of the best parts about a September wedding is having free rein on either doing summer or fall colors. You could do a variety of summer/fall colors like pinks, oranges and emerald greens. You could go full force in summer and do hot pink and white or do fall colors like burgundy and gold.


Another option where you can totally decide which direction you want to go with your wedding. Go for grilled chicken, salad, mixed fruit, and macaroni salad for a summer route or do roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls for more of a fall approach.



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