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Incorporating Pumpkins In Your Fall Wedding

Updated: Feb 7

Pumpkin everything - that's what's in!

Including pumpkins in your wedding decor doesn't mean you have to turn your venue into a black and orange Halloween bash, if that's not what you love. Between the dusty, natural greens, and whites there are plenty of beautiful shades that will fit into any color palette you choose!

Wedding Invitations

Incorporate pumpkins, oranges, and yellows on your wedding invitations to set the mood for your guests. They are adorable and so fitting for your fall wedding.

Pumpkin Aisle Decor

Talk about the cutest aisle decor EVER - pumpkins! Line your aisle with pumpkins in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Remember to not get too 'matchy-matchy'. Add some flowers and maybe even some candles by the pumpkins too. If you're getting married close to sunset, you could even carve out some pumpkins and poke some holes in the top to give the aisle some glow.

Seating Chart

Grab some tiny pumpkins and place a name card and table number on them. This way your guests will know where to sit and you will have an excuse to have more pumpkins present on your wedding day.


Pumpkins can make for some perfect centerpieces. We don't mean just place a giant pumpkin on the table and call it good, but maybe place some miniature pumpkins on a small pedestal for a fancier look. If you love the idea of flowers, you could even use a bigger pumpkin for a vase and have flowers inside them.

There are so many ways to have pumpkins scattered throughout your big day and we could not love them more!



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