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How to Let Yourself Shine In Your Wedding Photos

Updated: Feb 7

Your wedding photos are going to be something you cherish for the rest of your life. Why not go to the extra measures to make yourself feel and look your best in your wedding photos?!

Photography: Emma's Photo Co


We know, it probably sounds silly to practice your smile in front of a mirror, but it's a great idea! You want to feel comfortable with your smile and don't want to feel like it takes a lot of effort on your wedding day. Practice in front of a mirror to ensure your smile looks natural! If you really want to go the extra mile, whitening your teeth is quick, affordable and makes a huge difference in pictures. This can be done at your dentist or with white strips for a great price.


You want to show that ring off, don't you? Aside from pictures of yourself, your ring is going to need some pictures too. You want your fingers to look their best so your ring can get a chance to shine!

When it comes to your hair and makeup, consider having it done before the big day so you can make sure you like it. You can even take photos to see how it would look in pictures too. Be sure to wear a makeup primer and mattifying powder to make your makeup smooth and long lasting.

Posing Tips

Your photographer will be able to give you great tips on how to pose, but you may want to be thinking about these tips beforehand. Angle your body and hold your bouquet at your hip so you don't block your wedding gown. Then try putting your weight on your back foot and smile. This will help with making you look slimmer and ensure you get to show off that beautiful wedding gown!

No matter what, your photos are going to look beautiful. You will still feel those butterflies looking at these beautiful photos years from now!



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