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Do Wedding Favors Fit Your Big Day?

Updated: Feb 7

Wedding Favors - Yes or No?

Many people decide to give out wedding favors, and many do not. So the question is, is it totally necessary?

It is said that party favors are not necessary like they once were. It’s your big day so it’s ultimately up to you!

When you're deciding if you want to do wedding favors, ask yourself these specific questions:

  • Do I feel like it will make my big day better?

  • Does my budget allow for it?

  • Do I have time to add this to my list with the several other things I have going on?

  • Will it truly add to my wedding in more than one way?

After asking yourself these questions, you should feel a bit more clarity on whether or not wedding favors are a necessary item for your day.

If You Decided You Want Wedding Favors - Here's Some Unique Ideas!

Coffee - The Perfect Blend

If you and your spouse are coffee lovers, buy some adorable personalized bags and fill them with your favorite coffee beans. This is surely something everyone would use!


An adorable garden item to send your guests home with - succulents! No one can kill a succulent, right (shhh we totally have).

Lottery Tickets

Guests surely won't forget to grab this party favor on their way out!

Hot Sauce

A "spicy" way to send off your guests! Don't forget the cute label!

Honey Stick

Personalized honey sticks are perfect for any spring or summer wedding!


Nothing is more romantic than a flicker of a candle. You could even have them personalized!



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