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Wedding Trends of 2020

Updated: Feb 7

Trends come and go all the time, but we sure are loving these current wedding trends! There are so many unique trends this year that you may want to take into consideration for your upcoming wedding!

Color Schemes

Color is one thing that will really set the vibe for your wedding day. You want to make sure the color(s) that you decide on reflect your style, that can be made easy with the Wedding Style Quiz. The current colors on trend are mint, millennial pink (a mauve shade), yellow, emerald green, and a faded denim color.


Unique lighting is so important to bring the decor and the look of your wedding together. One of our favorites is hanging string lights from the ceiling - they light up the space and look beautiful doing it. Another one of our favorites is chandeliers, these make for elegant statement pieces. Something that will probably never go away is candle lighting. Candle lights are perfect for guest tables and also make for a great touch to the decor.

Barrettes and Combs

The ultimate wedding day hair accessory will likely always be veils, but this year there are a few more hair accessories brides are adding in. Barrettes and combs covered in rhinestones and pearls make for the perfect hair piece. They hold back your hair while making a great statement piece to bring your whole look together. They are also a great accessory piece for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girls!

Tux Colors

It used to be where black was typically the only tux color worn at weddings. Grey, navy, teal, and many others are beginning to make a rise for weddings. They make for a little bit more of a splash of color and make your wedding unique in that way as well.

Whatever you decide - be sure what you choose is unique to you and your future spouse and fits both your styles! That is always the goal to make your wedding day yours!



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