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Team-Building Activities for Off-Site Business Meetings

Updated: Feb 7

WaConDa Woods & Gardens is more than just a wedding venue! We can host other events like your next off-site team building activity! Team building activities are a great way to connect with old friends, co-workers, and anyone else you are getting together with for a good time! They are guaranteed to give everyone a chance to have fun and get to know each other!

Campfire Stories

Create a set of “trigger words” and write them down on sticky notes. These can be things like “first day”, “favorite thing”, “vacation”, or anything that could start a story that will allow a person to tell more about themselves on whatever topic the trigger words says. Go around the circle and let people tell their stories too and everyone can learn a little more about each other!

Horse Power

Horse Power is a very unique but great learning experience for teams to experience. This activity is where the horse does the teaching and facilitators offer explanations as to why the horse is doing what they are doing. Horses are a lot like us and they can actually reveal hidden dynamics of your team. They will react to the slightest changes in a group and there is always a reason!

Kick-Ball Tournament

A kick-ball tournament is a great way to get a competition going with your employees. It is a great team activity that will allow them to work together and get to know each other in a very new and different way. Sometimes, team-building activities can just be about fun and games. It may not feel like they are building their relationships and working on teamwork, but they surely are!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another great way to get your employees to put their minds together and work together! A scavenger hunt would be perfect in a large outdoor space where there may be many different places to look for all the items on the list. You can do a traditional scavenger hunt, or make it very focused on something you are wanting to work on in the business. Either way, it is a fun activity to do with your co-workers!

Get Crafty

There are several different crafty activities you can do as a team, or even individually with insight from your fellow co-workers. A fabulous idea is to get door hangers and have everyone decorate their door-hanger for their office or their home. The team will get to converse and bond as they all get to painting. There are several different crafts that your team would enjoy!

Consider having your next team-bonding outing at WaConDa Woods & Gardens where there is plenty of space inside and outside to do all sorts of activities!


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