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How Many White Outfits Can You Get Away With?

Updated: Feb 7

If your wedding is coming up chances are you have an event or two to attend to celebrate you and your significant other before the big day! So the question is - how many white dresses/white outfits is too many?! We promise to give you all the excuses to buy as many as your heart desires. Remember, you'll never get this special time of your life back. Might as well make it count!

Of course you can buy a new white dress for your engagement pictures! You'll probably use these pictures on ‘save the dates’ and you'll also have the pictures to cherish forever.

You're going to be taking pictures with guests and your SO at this special party to celebrate your love too. Depending on the time of year you could do a dress, or a top with a pair of jeans.

Your bridal party and all your close family and friends are going to shower you with love on this day. Lots of pictures with your girls will be taken!

What's a bachelorette party without a white bachelorette dress anyway?!

No matter if you're going to the beach or if you're going to the mountains and going to spend some time in the hot tub - you need a cute white swimsuit! Shein is the perfect place to buy your swimwear if you're looking for an affordable option.

Again, just buy another white outfit for your rehearsal dinner. Why not!

Wedding Day Getting Ready Outfit

Chances are your photographer will be taking pictures when you're getting ready so of course you will want to be dressed in white!

Honestly, if there's any other event go ahead and take that leap to buy a white dress/outfit for yourself. You could even buy a white outfit for when you go wedding dress shopping, for going to wedding vendor appointments, and more if you want to be really extra!

Here's some of our favorite places to shop for some beautiful white outfits:



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