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DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Updated: Feb 7

Who doesn't love a fun DIY project?! DIY wedding favors are the perfect way to make your guests feel extra special for attending your wedding. It doesn't have to be a total DIY, but adding some sort of personal touch is so thoughtful. After all, your guests put effort into coming to celebrate you and your partner, so why not put effort into their wedding favor!

Apple Butter Favors

Having a fall wedding? Apple butter is a fall favorite and is the perfect take-home treat everyone will love. Make your own and put it into cute little jars!

Handmade Coasters

Coasters are functional for the reception (you don't want cocktails sweating all over the table cloths) and for when they go home! You don't have to make them totally handmade. You can do something as simple as buying pre-cut tiles and painting or writing on them! You could even replace your paper name tags with coasters with their names on them.

Cooking Salt Favors

For all the couples out there who love to cook, this is so fitting! Fill jars with seasoned salt or barbecue rub for your guests to take home!

Hot Cocoa Favors

For all the winter weddings, hot cocoa favors! Add in all the mix-in's and maybe even some Bailey's or Kahlua for the adults!

Potted Succulent Favors

Almost everyone is in love with succulents these days! These can make the perfect wedding favors - buy them in bulk, plant them in little pots individually, and type up a name tag that could be used at the table settings!

Seed Paper Favors

Attach a plantable flower seed to some paper and a thank you card is the perfect two-in-one sentiment piece!

Custom Scarf Favors

Worried your wedding could be a bit chilly? Make a small blanket or scarf your wedding favor!

Bath Salt Favors

After a night of dancing on the dance floor, your guests will likely need a relaxing bath to recover!

Customized Candy Favors

The most tasteful wedding favor - candy! Buy some jars and fill with your favorite candy! If you are an M&M lover, you can even get personalized monogrammed M&M's!

S'mores Favor

How perfect is this for an outdoorsy wedding?! Just fill a jar with s'mores fixings for the perfect take home treat!


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