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Benefits of Off-Site Business Meetings

Updated: Feb 7

Meetings help your business run smoothly and are necessary to make sure your business keeps moving forward.

However, business meetings that occur very frequently in the same office space may seem like they are not achieving much. You can change this by encouraging more engagement and focus from your team. It makes sense that keeping things interesting for your employees is key to keeping them engaged and excited to come to work.

Thinking about meetings and how they affect your team and business is so important. Business meetings don't have to be in the conference room every single time. Meetings can take place in many different places for a change of scenery! WaConDa Woods & Gardens would be happy to host your next business meeting!

Change of Scenery

A recent survey says 63% of people believe that an off-site meeting is more productive. Ultimately, an off-site meeting gives employees a new exciting environment that will make them more likely to want to be involved and bring fresh new ideas to the table. Changing the scenery is such a small, yet big alteration you can make to a day-today office setting that will make a huge impact.

Increased Productivity

An off-site meeting or conference often improves productivity by reducing the interruptions an office space may hold. According to Forbes, 51% of employees say they are not engaged in a workplace meeting. An off-site meeting will show employees how important it is, so you can expect them to be highly engaged. Your team will be aware that a venue has been booked, and a strict agenda is in place so they must be focused and ready.

Encourages Communication

A different, more relaxed environment for your work meetings will encourage employees to participate. An off-site meeting is the perfect time to allow your employees to express their ideas. Receiving feedback from different departments makes sure that if there are current problems, they can get resolved as soon as possible. This valuable insight from all employees prevents more mistakes and leads to more enjoyment and increased productivity overall.

Improved Relationships

An off-site meeting without the constraints of a normal working environment can make employees feel more relaxed leading to improved workplace relationships. Relationship building and increased collaboration is important in any business. You may even want to look into a short team building exercise at your next off-site meeting! After all, the better you and your team know each other, the more effective they will be as a team!

Promote a New Type of Learning

An off-site meeting or conference allows you to vary your typical meeting style and try something new! A different environment and a possibly bigger space allows you to promote interactive learning. A stand-up meeting, a team build-your-own pizza competition, or even a game of football is just a few ways you can try something new where everyone can learn a little something extra. Fun, different things like this allow employees to learn new things and improve teamwork which will ultimately benefit the business in the long run.

Off-site meetings are the perfect way to enhance the normal working week, which sometimes feels receptive! Offering a new environment for your team to work in will give them new perspective, more confidence, and also allow them to come up with more ideas!


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