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Why Choose a Fall Wedding?

Choosing what season you are going to have your wedding in can be a very difficult decision to make. Spring and Summer once were the top picks of couples, but Fall is becoming seemingly more popular over the years. So, what's so great about a fall wedding? We've got the answers!

The Weather

Though summer weddings are gorgeous, they can be hot and muggy. Fall weather is normally the perfect weather, not too cold, nor too hot.


Fall is such a gorgeous time of year. The leaves begin to change color and allows for the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and your photos.


Since the weather in the fall time is usually perfect, there is a lot of opportunity for you to have things outdoors, indoors, or even both.


While the colors of fall are beautiful, so are the fall color opportunities that you could choose for your color pallette. Rust, orange, maroon, mauve, gold, cream, etc are all beautiful colors that give off a fall vibe.

Better Attendance

For many people, fall is the time when schedules start to open up. During the summer usually there is lots going on and many people go on vacations during this time. By having a fall wedding, you may get better attendance from your guest list.

The Menu

Who doesn't love some fall hearty comfort food? The menu opportunities for a fall wedding are endless. Pumpkin pie for dessert instead of a wedding cake? Count me in!



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