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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Updated: Mar 12

There is no event more important than a friend or family member's wedding. When preparing for a special event like this, it is key to pick out the perfect outfit. To help out future wedding guests who may be encountering this dilemma, we've created a guide which includes some of the best ideas for summer wedding attire.

Light Dresses & Skirts

When planning to attend a summer wedding, it is important to remember that it will most likely be hot, humid, or even both. This will play a part in what you plan to wear. A light dress or skirt is not only fashionable, but also breathable. You will thank yourself later for this outfit choice as the breeze will be able to flow through much easier compared to a thick material.

Floral Prints

Some people rock prints and look fabulous while standing out! Wearing florals is one way to do this. There is never a time where you can go wrong with wearing florals, especially if it is a summer wedding. Not only is this the perfect print for summer, but it allows you to wear something you probably wouldn't wear on a daily basis. Whether you want to stick out or not, there are small florals and also larger florals which can accommodate both types of people.

Earth Tones

If sticking out of the crowd is not what you desire then wearing an Earth tone might be more your thing. Earth tones can consist of seasonal colors or even the specific colors that go along with the wedding color scheme. Some people may enjoy a neutral color palette which can consist of gray, beige or even brown. For others who may like to wear something more vibrant, but still want to wear a natural color may opt for colors like green, purple or blue.

Choosing what to wear for a wedding can be a big decision. It is important to keep some certain things in mind when picking the perfect outfit. Make sure the outfit is comfortable, light, follows the dress code and allows you to break out your best dance moves!


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