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Wedding Thank You Cards - What to Do & What Not to Do

Updated: Mar 12

Throughout our lives, there are many times when we will need to send thank you cards. Whether it's a graduation party, a birthday, a baby shower - these are all instances when you would send a thank you card. A wedding is no exception in sending a thank you card. You are so grateful for all your guests who came to celebrate you, so of course you want to make sure they know how grateful you are for them.

Who Should Receive a Card?

Generally speaking, all guests who attended your wedding should receive a thank you card. You should especially send thank you cards to all of your bridal party and parents. Anyone who sent or brought you a gift should get a thank you card as well. Don't forget your vendors - they played a special part in your day and deserve a thank you card as well.

Who Should Write on the Card?

Both you and your partner should sign the thank you card for sure, as well as both partners should both contribute to filling them out. One thing that may work well is splitting them up half and half. Your partner can do one half and you can do the other half.

When Should You Send Thank You Cards?

It is recommended to send thank you cards within three months after your wedding.

Be Grateful As You Send Them

I know, writing thank you cards isn't always fun, but try to have a good attitude while writing them.



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