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Vendor Spotlight - Ellynne Bridal

Looking for the wedding dress of your dreams? A dress for your mom or maybe your bridesmaids? Look no further than Ellynne Bridal in Lincoln, NE.

MaKenna in her Stella York Gown

Photo by Sara Meg Photo

About Ellynne Bridal

Ellynne Bridal was founded in 2004 by Lynne Rustad. Lynne created the motto, where you're always treated like a princess, which is exactly what Ellynne Bridal strives to do every single day. Founder Lynne strived to help others all throughout her life, she helped fundraise for many good causes like the Child Advocacy Center, Friendship Home and many more. In 2017, Lynne passed away during her battle to ovarian cancer. Ellynne Bridal is proud to carry on her legacy to this day.

Ellynne Bridal has one of the largest couture gown selections in the midwest, their sample sizes range from 10 to 28 and are priced between $900 and $5,400. Each year part of the team travels to Chicago to hand select the perfect gowns to add to their collection. They have an eye for the latest trends and classic elegance so that every bride is sure to find something unique to them.

What We Love About Ellynne Bridal

MaKenna, Marketing & Operations Coordinator of WaConDa Woods & Gardens, shares her very own personal experience at Ellynne Bridal -

From the moment I walked into the door at Ellynne's Bridal, I was instantly "treated like a princess".

My mom, mother-in-law, sister, my best friend, and I were taken to a private room where we would spend the next hour trying on the most beautiful gowns. My Bridal Consultant first asked me what my style was and if there was any pictures of gowns I had saw that I loved. I showed her some pictures and let her know what I thought my style was. My Bridal Consultant then went to grab some gowns for me to try on.

My dress shopping crew!

When she came back with the gowns, I just knew there was going to be one I absolutely fell in love with. She helped me get into each one of them and asked me questions about what I loved or didn't love about each of them so she could make sure I was trying on ones I felt great in. She was knowledgeable, so helpful and just gave me the best service I could have ever asked for throughout the entire process. When I was stuck between two gowns, she gave me a moment where she stepped out of the room so I could take a moment just with my friends/family so I could decide. That was so appreciated.

I gave myself a day to think about the dress because I am so indecisive, then came back the next day to say yes to the dress. They took my measurements, ordered my dress and gave me a timeline when it would be in.

The moment I said yes to the dress!

Not only did I find my dream dress that day, I also found the perfect veil and the perfect earrings there that went perfectly with my dress.

Veil from Ellynne Bridal picture above.

Six months later, I was back to shop for dresses for my mom, mother-in-law and flower girl. We knew that they would provide us with excellent service for their dress shopping as well.

Bridal Dress & Mother of the Bride Dress from Ellynne Bridal pictured above.

I recommend Ellynne Bridal to anyone wedding dress shopping. Their sweet consultants, beautiful gowns, and beautiful store will provide you with an amazing experience.



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