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The Benefits of Having the Same Venue for Your Ceremony & Reception

Couples are loving having an all-in-one wedding venue and for good reason! It is so convenient. Getting ready, taking photos, ceremony and reception without having to get into the car - amazing! Here’s a few benefits of having a wedding venue that has all your needs in one place.

Shorter Commute

With having all your wedding festivities at one place, you don't have to worry about you and your guests traveling from one location to the next or you and your wedding party traveling from getting ready to the ceremony venue. It allows extra time for a cocktail hour and no one has to feel that they are rushing to get to the reception from the ceremony.

Better Attendance

Having your ceremony and reception in one place means better attendance. Some guests may not go to one or the other simply because they do not want to travel to two different places.

Upcycled Decor

It is easier to move decor from your ceremony space to your reception space if it is all at one venue. Want to use your ceremony arch behind your sweetheart table? No problem!

Less Expensive

You won't have to pay for two different locations if you have it all in one place. That's a win for your budget!

All the more reason to consider an all-in-one wedding venue when you are searching for the perfect wedding venue!



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