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The Average Cost of a Wedding Venue

Updated: Feb 7

You're engaged! The first thing you do is tell all of your loved ones about the big engagement. The next thing you do is dive into your wedding planning. How much is that all going to cost? We've broken down the cost of your average wedding venue for you so you can take that into account when you start the wedding planning process.

Photography: Sara Meg Photo

The Average Cost

According to a recent survey including 12,000 couples who got married last year, the average cost of a wedding venue is $11,200. Because this is an average, of course some couples spent much less than this and at the same note some couples spent much more than this. On average, some couples spent 40% of their wedding budget on the venue making it obvious that couples really care about the location their festivities are held at.

The Most Popular Venues

Farms, barns and ranches and banquet halls were tied for the most popular venues couples are choosing. 77% of couples are also choosing a venue that they can hold their ceremony and reception at the same spot. Bonus points if there are getting ready suites for both wedding parties on site!

What Impacts a Venues Cost?

There are several different factors that can impact the wedding venues cost. You can normally expect to pay the highest during peak season (early Spring-November) and on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Pay attention to possible hidden fees venues might have. Do they charge extra for chairs? Do you have to hire a security guard? Wedding insurance? Do they charge for earlier access? Are there clean-up fees? Be sure to ask about any hidden costs they have before you sign your contract.

How Have These Costs Changed Over the Years?

The average cost of weddings are on the rise. Why you may ask? Inflation and the wedding boom! Plus shortages have played a huge factor in costs as well. Be prepared that prices will continue to be on the rise.



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