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How to Plan Your Graduation Party

If you are graduating in 2023 - it's probably time to start planning your graduation party. How exciting! It's not everyday you get to plan a celebration for achieving something big. If you're ready to start planning, but not really sure where to start - read on for our checklist on how to plan your graduation party.

Start Planning & Determine a Budget

The first step to planning your graduation party is beginning the first part of the planning process. This includes writing down all the things you may want at your party, your desired date and an approximate headcount.

Next, determine how much you'd like to plan in total. Include things like food, drink, decorations and a venue or other location to host it at.

You can even consider co-hosting a party with friends who might be graduating with you that would have similar guest lists.

Build a Guest List

Now that you've determined a budget, now it's time to build your guest list. Your guest list is entirely up to you - you can invite your friends, family, coaches, teachers and whoever else is an important part of your life.

Choose a Location

A casual backyard party, a formal restaurant gathering or a beautiful nearby venue are all great options for a place for you to host your party. There are pros and cons to all these options. A backyard party is in the comfort of your own home, but you have to handle cleaning up before and after the party. A party at a venue may cost a bit more, but they handle the set up and clean up for you.

Choose a Theme & Decorations

A graduation party theme can help you decide your decorations and menu, while offering a fun atmosphere. Or pick your favorite colors or your school colors and just make it a representation of you.

Plan Your Menu

Now for the mouth-watering part - the menu. You can make your graduation party food yourself if you have time and love to cook, or you can have it catered for convenience. After you've planned the meal, now it's time for the sweets. Maybe it's cookies and cupcakes or cheesecake bites and brownies. Whatever the grad loves is the perfect option.

Plan the Entertainment

This is something you certainly don't have to have at your grad party, but it can be an added fun option. You could have yard games set up or have a photo booth for you and guests to get pictures together.

Send Your Invitations

Once you have all the details planned out, now it's time to order and send out invitations. We recommend that guests have invitations in hand a month in advance so they have time to block off their calendars.



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