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How to Make the Most Out of Your First Holiday Together -Engaged or Married

Updated: Feb 7

Rudolph's nose isn't the only thing shining this year. Let's talk about that diamond ring on your finger if you're recently engaged or married. It's definitely shining and we know you can't stop staring at it. ;)

It's time to make the most out of your first Holiday together. Here's what you can do to do just that.

1. Make Your Own Traditions

You've probably grown up with various Holiday traditions, now it's time to make some of your own. Find a few things that you'd like to make a tradition, like opening Holiday pajamas from each other before the Holiday.

2. Fill Your Home with Memories

Order that "First Holiday Engaged" or "First Holiday Married" ornament and hang it on your tree. For years to come, every Holiday you'll pull it out of the box and remember that special year.

3. Plan Time for the Two of You

The holiday season can be crazy busy. Be sure to plan time to simply spend time at home together or a date night out.

4. Decide How to Divide Time with Your Families

Going to multiple Holiday gatherings in one day can be overwhelming. Come up with a game plan so you don't feel this way. Maybe you switch off every other year or you have one gathering in December and one in January.

5. Take Christmas Photos

Maybe you just had engagement pictures done or you just got your wedding photos back - so what! If you're up for it, schedule that extra photo session for Holiday photos. You'll never get this year of bliss back!

Soak it all up! This will be a Holiday you will remember forever. Cherish it and make the most out of it.



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