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Choosing a Wedding Venue - What Should You Consider?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You are probably reading this blog post because you are newly engaged and in the beginning stages of wedding planning! What an exciting time in your life! Before you dive into wedding planning, celebrate this exciting moment in you and your significant other's lives! Pop the champagne, celebrate with your loved ones, and really soak up these special moments!

Now, once you've allowed yourself a little bit of time to soak up your engagement and you're feeling ready it's time to start your wedding planning! Planning a wedding can feel a bit overwhelming at first if you don't know what you should start with. We're here to help you with those first couple things of wedding planning - which are choosing a date and choosing your wedding venue!

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Figure out Your Priorities in a Wedding Venue

First things first, sit down with your partner and figure out what your priorities are in a wedding venue. Do you want to have your ceremony at a church? Do you want to have your ceremony and reception at the same place? Do you want getting ready suites on site? Do you want the ability to have an outdoor ceremony? There are so many different things to consider! Make a list and decide between the two of you what is most important.

Also decide if there is anything that is a non negotiable for you! For example, some venues do not allow you to decorate until the morning of your wedding. Maybe that is one thing that is a non negotiable for you because you want flexibility with your set-up!

Decide Your Style

There are several different types of wedding venues - rustic, modern, whimsical, romantic, vintage, etc. By looking at inspo pictures and pictures of venues, which style best suits you for your wedding day? You'll want to consider your style while doing your search for a wedding venue!

Budget & Guest Count

Before you begin your wedding venue search, make sure you've nailed down a budget and a guest count so when you reach out to these venues you will know if these items fit your criteria or not.

Keep Track of the Venues that You Reach Out to & Narrow Down the List

Upon reaching out to different venues, you will want to keep track of the venues you reach out to and their specific details that may stick out to you. You may find out details about the venue on their website and/or you may find out about additional info when you reach out to them and they get back to you. If there are things that may be deal breakers, like if the venue only holds up to 150 guests and you need a venue that holds up to 200 guests, you may not want to take the time to tour that venue unless you want to reassess your guest list.

Once you've compiled a list, now it's time to start narrowing down your list of wedding venues!

Visit Your Top Venues

Once you have a narrowed down list of wedding venues, reach out to these venues and request a tour so you can see the space in person!

Consider the Venues Amenities, Services, Location

Once you've visited the venue, now it's time to consider their amenities, services and location.

Does the venue have the following amenities: Tables/chairs, getting ready suites and parking, catering, bar services, etc?

Next up, consider the venue's location! Is it a good distance to your guests traveling?

Before booking your wedding venue, read up on the reviews about other couples experiences with the venue! Good luck with your wedding venue search!



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