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10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

Creating your registry is an exciting thing for you and your spouse to do together. When else are you going to be able to ask for a Blackstone or that fancy KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

There are many different ways to make a registry. You can register at multiple stores and list the stores you are registered at to your guests or you can make a registry on The Knot where all your gifts will be in one place. You can even add a honeymoon fund or new home fund if there aren't many physical gifts you need.

We've put together our best tips so that you can tackle building your registry with ease.


You can start on your registry as soon as you get engaged. You may have an engagement party, bridal shower, etc that people may want to buy gifts for! Plus it will give you plenty of time so you don't rush it.

Think of Your Lifestyle

Typically, a traditional registry includes many kitchen items, bath towels, etc. Are you one that maybe doesn't enjoy cooking but loves to travel? That's ok, add things to your registry like luggage, a travel fund, etc.


How many gifts should you register for? Take the amount of invites you sent out, and times that by two, then add some more. You might feel like that is a lot, but it is always better for guests to have lots of different options to choose from.

Multiple Price Points

Be sure to register for items with different price ranges. Register for $25, $50, $100, $150, $300 and maybe even bigger priced items. That may seem like a lot, but bigger items make great group gifts.

Do it Together

You and your spouse should build your registry together. After all, you are marrying each other! There may be things one of you wants, and the other doesn't but try to allow those items half and half. Then also add things you both want.

Check it Often

Always be sure to check your registry often. As people begin to buy you gifts, be sure to check that there are always multiple price points available at all times.

Cash Funds

It used to be frowned upon to add something like this to your registry, but it is more common than ever. A new home fund, camper fund, or honeymoon fund are great things to ask for, especially if you and your spouse already live in a home together and don't need much. Guests would much rather get items the couple will use!

Make it Shippable

Make sure to type in your home address that gifts can be shipped to. There may be guests who would rather ship it to your house or guests that can't make it to your wedding that still want to buy you a gift.

Add the Link to Your Invitations

Make it easy for your guests to access your registry. Add the link or the places you are registered at to your bridal shower card, wedding invitations, etc.

Send Thank You Cards

Always be sure to send out a thank you to each and every guest who brought you a gift or card. A handwritten thank you card in the mail is always the way to go.

Happy registering! If you take any tip from this, let it be that you make this a fun activity for you and your spouse to do together. Get some appetizers, turn on some music and build your registry.


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