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10 Different Ways to Surprise Your Wedding Guests

One thing is for sure, no matter what you do at your wedding, it will be a magical day. But, maybe you're one who wants to step out of the box and really surprise your guests. A wardrobe change, a choreographed dance, and a champagne tower are only a few ways you can really wow your guests. We've brainstormed 10 different ways you can surprise your guests so you don't have to.

Wardrobe Change

Picture this, you get married in your beautiful gown, then change into something a bit more comfortable for your reception. When you walk into your reception, everyone is sure to notice this sweet surprise. The groom could even do a wardrobe change as well, maybe a different colored suit or maybe something more casual. You can choose to do this wardrobe change before your grand entrance to your reception or maybe you wait until after your sunset photos.

A Choreographed First Dance

A choreographed first dance is sure to catch your guests attention. What a special way to have your first dance with your partner. It sure makes for some memorable photos/videos.

Champagne Tower

This is a new trend we are all loving. Right before toasts, you and your spouse walk on over to the champagne tower and pour the champagne onto the tower and that is how guests get their toasting glasses. Think about how cute those photos would be.

A Creative Seating Chart

Fun seating charts are all the rave right now. From book shelf seating charts to mirror seating charts or something that is simple yet beautiful - there are so many fun ways to show guests where their assigned seat is.

A Fun Dessert

It isn't very often that you only see cake at weddings anymore. Donuts, a sundae bar, mini cheesecake, macarons, or a chocolate fountain are some fun ways to shake things up for dessert.

A Comfy Lounge Area

Comfy and cute lounge areas are another thing we are seeing a lot more lately. Once guests need a break from the dance floor, they can take a moment in the lounge area to chat before they get back to dancing. Maybe you have couches for your lounge area near your dance floor, or maybe you have some seating outside around a bonfire.

Have a Late Night Snack Bar

Nothing like a late night snack, especially at a wedding you've been moving and grooving on the dance floor at. Have a late night snack for wedding guests like a nacho bar or mini pizzas.

Hire a Live Painter

Hiring a live painter will really wow your guests and also give you something totally unique and special to take home from your wedding day.

Personalize Place Settings

If you are having a seating chart, you could personalize each guests place setting. You could write them a personalized note, or have a picture of them with you at their seat.

Plan a Special Exit

Plan a special exit for when you leave your reception. Sparklers and fireworks are always the perfect exit.



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