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Tik Tok Wedding Ideas We're Absolutely Loving

Updated: Mar 12

So we're all going to agree that scrolling Tok Tok for the newest wedding trends counts as wedding planning, right? Right! We've seen all these new ideas on #WeddingTikTok and we have to share them with you.

Private Last Dance

No more last dance with all your guests! Kick everyone out, but the photographer and DJ and have a private last dance with just you and your spouse. There is very little time on your big day for privacy and reflection so let a private last dance be you and your new signficant others way to remember the end of your incredible day!

"Move Out of the Way for the First Kiss"

Have you ever seen a first kiss photo where the officiant is standing awkwardly in the background? Be sure to ask your officiant to step out of the way for your first kiss so your photographer can get that perfect shot.

No More Bouquet Toss

Instead of a bouquet toss, do a "married couples" dance. Have everyone who is married come to the dance floor and have the DJ announce year-by-year of how long they have been married. Whoever is the last one on the dance floor tells the newlyweds some marriage advice. Why not learn from the experts?!

Not All Rise

To keep things inclusive and make sure everyone can see everything, brides are getting rid of having everyone rise for the bride. Alternatively, guests will be asked to stay seated when she walks down the aisle.

Mother Daughter Dance

Dad's at the wedding reception are normally the only parent to get a dance with the daughter. Now people are doing a father/daughter dance and a mother/daughter dance. How special is that?!

Social Media Minute

While nobody wants a cell phone in a picture, couples are giving guests a social media minute meaning guests are allowed to take out their phones for one minute and take pictures.

Champagne Tower

Many couples are getting rid of having cake, so then there is no cake cutting. A fun replacement for this is the pouring of your champagne tower. This makes for great pictures and gets those toast glasses ready.

Phone Guest Book

Your traditional guest book isn't seen nearly as much as it used to be. A new popular guest book is a phone guest book.

Make an Entrance

Over the top bridal entrances have always been a thing, but now they are becoming even more over the top. We're here for it! It's always sad that the bride and groom have to miss out on the entrances, so why not enter in with your spouse first.



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